Glass manipulator

The robot manipulator is useful to control the movements on 3-axis with precision, positioning is through the use of the remote control and you can simultaneously perform various operations including extension, uplift and re-entry of the boom, traction of the crane and rotation of the manipulator.

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Chain Hoist

Tailor studied on dimensions and capacity, the chain hoist allows to lift huge loads for short displacement.

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Front outriggers

Front outriggers, useful when an extra capacity is needed and when there are no space restrictions, can be supplied on some models. The LMI system automatically recognizes the working conditions, in order to work safely.

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Cranes can be adjusted in order to be suitable for use in Hazardous Locations. These versions are available under request for any standard and every zone (ATEX, FM, ANSI…).

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Removable counterweights

Removable counterweights, available on some models, are designed to be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly by pins. They give the customer the opportunity of optimizing the weight of the mobile crane according to the work to be performed. They also allow the optimisation of the costs and time of transport.

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