Watering system for battery

To make battery virtually maintenance free, we recommend installing an automatic battery watering system. Accidental overfilling, acid overflow and element corrosion are eliminated.

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On board battery charger

The HF on board battery charger has been designed to provide reliable and quality charging for batteries. On board chargers were originally requested by rental companies, but many customers like the advantage of having it as part of the crane.

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Non marking tires

Non-marking white wheels are particularly suitable for indoor applications (pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries) in which damage of the floor needs to be avoided. The performance characteristics of these tyres are the same as their black counterparts in terms of good traction, low rolling resistance, low heat build up, optimum tread life and full load carrying capacity.

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Hydraulic winch

Winch is useful when there is an obstruction between the load and the crane or when it’s necessary to lift vertically and for a long while. The overall lifting capacity depends on the number of rope lines. Under request, winch can be fully remote controlled.

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Manual Jib

The 3-position manually tilting mechanical jib can be tailor studied according to the needs of the customer in terms of capacity and lengths.

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