About Us

LogisTech is a distributor of electric self-propelled cranes from the renowned Italian company JMG Cranes.

JMG Cranes is a world leader in the sector of industrial PICK & CARRY self-propelled cranes, which have been designed for lifting and moving with a load of 1 tons up to 60 tons. They also work very well in special applications with additional equipment.

JMG’s PICK & CARRY cranes offer the highest standard of quality on the market: the highest power with small dimensions, the highest precision in handling loads, ergonomics and operator-friendliness thanks to radio control, the highest maneuverability and safety among all electric cranes.

The strength of our services is that:

  • We help the customer to choose the most appropriate machine model for his needs.
  • We enable you to view and test the technical capabilities of any machine at the manufacturer's show center.
  • We deliver the ordered machine to the place indicated by the customer.
  • We start the machine
  • We provide a guarantee and post-warranty service.
  • We provide support in the form of technical advice and training.
  • We strive to provide comprehensive customer service - we focus on trust and long-term cooperation.
  • We work with leasing companies that facilitate financing and consulting offices that develop formal projects that enable obtaining grants from EU funds financed up to 50% of investments.
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