We are a distributor of electric self-propelled cranes from the renowned Italian company JMG Cranes.

JMG Cranes is a world leader in the sector of industrial PICK & CARRY self-propelled cranes, which have been designed for lifting and moving with a load of 1 tons up to 60 tons. They also work very well in special applications with additional equipment.

Due to their small size and weight, the short outreach and electric drive capabilities are ideal for working in confined spaces, under special sanitary requirements (eg food industry) and safety (potentially explosive areas). Using optional equipment - including work baskets, winches, vacuum grips for glass panes, loading forks for lifting pallets, storoom and chain booms, extensions, "non-scratching" tires or other accessories chosen by the customer - we get a very universal device, with functionality much greater than a regular crane.

JMG's PICK & CARRY cranes offer the highest standard of quality on the market: the highest power with small dimensions, the highest precision in handling loads, ergonomics and operator-friendliness thanks to radio control, the highest maneuverability and safety among all electric cranes.

JMG electric mobile cranes, thanks to their innovativeness, are widely used in close logistics, in the automotive, paper, metal, air, energy, food and construction industries.

Walk-Behind Cranes

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Radio Remote Controller Cranes

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Cabin Cruiser Cranes

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